Work out what type of learner YOU are

We are all unique, and as such we prefer to learn in different ways.

Our learning preferences can be categorised as learning styles.

To get the most out of revision, it’s important that you understand what type of learner you are and then make the necessary adjustments to accommodate your preferred learning styles.

Don’t hang on to study habits that aren’t working for you.  What works well for a friend may not be what’s best for you.

This website contains lots of ideas to help you study smarter, just be sure to lean towards the techniques that are most appropriate for your learning style.

Below are examples of learning styles.  You might find you prefer more than one.

Kinaesthetic learners

  • Hands-on, likes to participate
  • Learns best by doing
  • Enjoys physical activities

Auditory learners

  • Prefers listening to information, not reading or seeing it
  • Might be a slower reader
  • Likes to talk about the material being studied

Visual learners

  • Learns best when able to visualise ideas and relationships
  • Benefits from charts, diagrams, illustrations and maps
  • May enjoy learning by watching videos

Reading and writing learners

  • Prefers the written word
  • Likes to consume information by reading it
  • Enjoys condensing and rephrasing text

Remember, revision is a personal process, so make sure you study in a manner that works best for you.

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